Donnington Nurseries

At Donington Nurseries we provide fresh British grown Christmas trees, available in a range of different varieties and sizes so that you are guaranteed to find the right tree for you. All of our trees are unpacked and netting removed on arrival ensuring that you are able to see exactly what you are buying. Our trees can be re-netted at no extra cost so that you can transport them home a little easier!
We know that it is important to each of our customers that their trees remain fresh for as long as possible, which is why our main aim is to provide the best real Christmas trees around and sourcing our trees from the UK only.
NORDMANN FIR Our most popular tree, often called the non-drop tree as it sheds few needles. It has a classic symmetrical shape, and dark green needles.
FRASER FIR Another variety that sheds few needles, gaining in popularity due to its compact shape which is good for tight spaces.Has the added benefit of a gorgeous pine scent.
NORWAY SPRUCE The traditional tree. Sharp needles with a pine scent and classic Christmasd tree shape. Best outdoors or in very cool rooms and well watered as these types of tree will shed needles.

  • Address Donington Nurseries And Walled Garden
    Kings Mill,
    Park Lane,
    Castle Donington,
    DE74 2RS

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